Video: Cold Weather Starting Procedures

Cold Weather Starting Procedures

When temperatures start to drop, observing these simple cold weather starting procedures can save you time and money.

Gas-Powered Air Compressors

Cold Weather Starting - ROLAIR Gas Air Compressors

Electric Air Compressors

Cold Weather Starting - ROLAIR Electric Air Compressors



3 thoughts on “Video: Cold Weather Starting Procedures

  1. i have a rolair compressor but on winter time it doesn’t start at all i already changed okl and spur plug but still doesn’t start. can you guys tell me what it woul be?

    • Hey, Domingo!

      Thanks for commenting on the blog post. We received your comment on our YouTube page, as well. If you’re following the steps outlined in the video and still can’t get it started, there could be an underlying issue like a clogged intake filter, gummed-up carburetor, etc. If you give our Service Department a call, they can help you troubleshoot the issue. The phone number is 920-349-3281 or you can email them at

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