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How to Choose the Right ROLAIR® Air Compressor

The following Blog post was originally posted on the ACME Tools’ blog on January 5th, 2017. To read more great posts from ACME, check out their blog.


Compressor on Truck Bed

Air compressors power pneumatic tools and sprayers, inflate tires and clean dust out of crevices and cracks, making them a critical part of any jobsite or workshop. Learn how compressor features affect performance, and find the ROLAIR® Air Compressor to meet your needs.


A compressor’s primary function is to provide a reliable flow of high-pressure air to pneumatic tools or other accessories. The delivered airflow rating, in cubic feet per minute (CFM) at a given pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI), tells you how much air a compressor delivers. The airflow rating of the Rolair air compressor you choose should exceed the air requirements of your highest-demand tools by about 50 percent. If you plan on running multiple devices off a single compressor, add up the air requirements of all tools in simultaneous use to find a unit with sufficient air capacity. [Read More]