Zero Sick Days Blog: Introduction

A Blog about Jobsite Productivity.

ROLAIR Compressors have been serving the needs of the residential contractor since 1959. Over the years the name has become synonymous with well-built, long lasting air compressors. They’ve logged countless hours on the jobsite and have become a major asset to contractors who understand how important dependable equipment is to the bottom line.

Zero Sick Days is dedicated to those contractors. Future blog posts will include air compressor maintenance advice, useful jobsite hacks, answers to common questions and – of course – new product videos. So, if you’re a contractor who believes in getting the job done and avoiding unnecessary hassles, this blog’s for you.




2 thoughts on “Zero Sick Days Blog: Introduction

  1. I look forward to seeing more discussion on the productivity issues – it’s one of the biggest headaches for site managers, making sure that every paid hour is a productive hour.

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