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ROLAIR Then & Now

The year was 1959. Our goal was simple: Produce the finest compressors known to mankind… It’s hard to believe, but we had the accountants check ...

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October Service Tip

Use this lever to shut off the flow of fuel to the carburetor.Instead of stopping a Honda engine using the red kill switch, simply close the fuel...

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How it Works: AIRKEG

MORE AIR. LESS HASSLE. The AIRKEG by ROLAIR® works with your existing pneumatic set-up to increase reserve air and minimize frictional loss over...

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The following post, originally published 7/13/2018, was borrowed with permission from our friends over at Nail Gun Depot. If you own a home (or ...

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Cold Weather Maintenance and Best Practices

    If you’re anything like me, you have the best intentions when you purchase new tools and equipment. You’re going to take good care of them. ...

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How It Works: Pressure Switch

THE PRESSURE SWITCH The pressure switch is an important component on many of our electric models. It’s the electric counterpart to the piloted u...